My Plan

We are currently hard at work implementing our service throughout the region. Our mission is to deploy a high-quality LTE mobile network to every community in the Eeyou Istchee James Bay region, and are on track to do so in the coming weeks, barring unforeseen delays. You can check to see if service is currently available in your area by clicking here and selecting your community.

Yes you can. Leave your name on our early sign-up list to be among the first contacted once we are ready to launch in your community.

All communities that are currently connected to the Eeyou Mobility network have a local representative to serve you. Click here to find your nearest rep!

No. Our affordable and competitive plans are all “pay-as-you-go”, purchased on a monthly basis.

No. You “pay-as-you-go”, and no credit check is required.

On-Net data is the amount of data usage available specifically for use while on the Eeyou Mobility network in Eeyou Istchee and the James Bay region. Canada-Wide data is the monthly data usage assigned to a plan for use while roaming in Canada but outside of our own network.

Unlimited data plans are not what they seem. Most unlimited plans provide the customer a set amount of data (Gigabytes) which can be used at regular speeds. Once that data is consumed, the network speed is “throttled”, or slowed down. Typically to a very slow 0.512 kbps. Data usage from that point on can be difficult to consume due to the slower speed, and it is costly to regain the faster speeds before throttling.
Eeyou Mobility does not promise unlimited plans and then throttle you later. Instead, we offer lots of data and very attractive pricing. You’ll always know what you’re buying with us.

Yes, each local representative will have a small selection of phones to choose from. As well, you can order from a different selection of phones online through the customer portal. The local representative can assist you with this.

$10 is the standard fee for a SIM card, which is the intelligent “chip” that allows your phone to connect to our network.

Most of our plans include “Canada-Wide” voice and data which is used when roaming outside the Eeyou Istchee James Bay region. When the Canada-Wide monthly roaming limit on your plan is consumed, additional Canada-Wide voice or data will be charged against your Pay-As-You-Go Balance at a rate of $2.00 per 100 MB for data and $.06/min for Canada-Wide calling (Nisk 20 and 25 plans only).

Yes. Fees may apply if your plan has a limited number of Canada-wide calling minutes. You can find the plan that suits you on our Rate Plans page.

Yes. All our plans offer unlimited texts across Canada.

Dial *111# to see the remaining balances for your Pay-As-You-Go Balance, calling minutes and data. You can also access your balances in your customer portal.

1. Once you’ve logged into the Eeyou Mobility portal you’ll want to locate the subscription in question and click on the “View Usage” button.
2. After you’ve opened up the Usage History page you can choose from the following tabs:
– “Talk” to see call minutes, destination and cost;
– “Data” to see your data usage history;
– “Text” to see text history.

Rates differ for each country. You can find the current rates on our International Rates page.

We are working to complete international roaming services, and hope to launch those soon.

Setup My Phone

Follow these steps in our Device Setup section.

Yes. All you’ll need to do is visit your local service provider to get a SIM card. Your phone will be activated on the same day.

Technical Support

If you are using a phone that was connected to another network, it may still be locked to that old network. If you insert your SIM card, and you cannot make a phone call, check out our Device Setup and scroll down to Unlocking Your Phone.

Call our customer support team at 1-844-992-4492 or send us an email at support@eeyoumobility.com.

Our network deployment continues! Planning is well underway to cover many of the region’s highways and roads with Eeyou Mobility cell service. We’ll keep you posted on our progress!

If you cancel your contract with your current mobile or landline (home or office) telecommunications provider, in most cases you can keep your phone number and transfer it to Eeyou Mobility.
– This is known as “number portability”.
– While there are some exceptions, number portability is available for numbers assigned in most of the Eeyou Istchee / James Bay communities.
– The phone number must be local (as opposed to a Montreal phone number, for example).

If it is a phone number from a mobile service provider, it should be able be ported the same day.

A landline (home or office) phone number can take up to two days to complete the port.

– Yes, as a wireless consumer you always have the right to cancel your contract.

– However, be certain to check your contract or the “Critical Information Summary” you received when you signed up. Your service provider can charge outstanding fees and taxes owing up to the date you give notice to cancel.

Other than paying any outstanding charges, you have the right to cancel your existing contract at no cost if
– You have a prepaid plan;
– Your contract has no set term;
– Your contract is more than two years old; or
– Your contract includes monthly payments for a mobile phone or device, but that amount has been paid in full.

The service provider can also charge limited cancellation fees under certain circumstances (again, always check your contract):
– If your contract includes payments for a mobile phone or device, and there are still payments remaining for that, you may be required to pay a cancellation fee to cover the remaining price of the phone – however, you can keep that phone and use it with Eeyou Mobility if it is compatible with our network (most phones are); or
– If you have a term contract that does not include a phone or device, you cannot be charged a cancellation fee greater than $50.

– For Further details on cancelling your contract, please contact your current service provider.