Community Involvement

At Eeyou Mobility, we believe wholeheartedly in supporting the communities and people we serve. You have an event that you would like us to sponsor and be a part of? Write us at

Eeyou Mobility sponsors the Waswanipi Lightning softball team, which is part of the Waswanipi Leisure & Sports Service. Waswanipi Leisure & Sports Service is home to many sports teams, including hockey, baseball, basketball, volleyball, and lacrosse.

Eeyou Mobility sponsors the Chisasibi Pow Wow, an annual traditional pow wow where the entire community comes together to celebrate life through drumming, dancing, and singing.

Eeyou Mobility sponsors the James Bay Folifrets Festival, an annual snowmobile competition that has been taking place in Chibougamau for more than 50 years. Two major activities have popularized the event across Canada: The President’s Walk and Cross-Country, an endurance race of over 345 kilometers through the boreal forest. This festival is the biggest and the most vibrating winter event in the region.

Eeyou Mobility sponsors the Chibougamau Arena, home of many sports teams including the midget BB hockey team Les Ambassadeurs de Chibougamau and the figure skating club Les Lames Givrées de Chibougamau.

Eeyou Mobility sponsors the Tournoi de hockey amateur in Chibougamau. This annual tournament attracts more than twenty teams and hundreds of fans coming from all corners of the Jamesian and Cree communities.

Eeyou Mobility sponsors the Festival du Doré Baie-James, the biggest walleye festival in the province. This 10-day festival attracts close to 1,000 anglers and thousands of visitors from Quebec and Ontario.

Eeyou Mobility supports the Ouje-Bougoumou Walleye Fishing Derby, an annual event in which participants compete to catch the largest walleye fish possible. Prizes range up to $20,000 and are held in Chapais on Opemiska Lake.